05 February 2011

Early Spring?

Totally crossing my fingers that the groundhog is right on this year...

After a January of this:

Snowing out our window

and this:

Snow out our window

Brandon and I have found it super refreshing to experience a few days of this:


Also, today begins my first actual weekend off work in almost six months!!  After a whole lifetime of taking weekends for granted, I have realized that the structure of a traditional school/work week topped off by a Saturday and Sunday of freedom is truly a blessing to feel grateful for.

Who else is looking forward to springtime? :)


  1. I cannot wait for springtime in Annapolis! It might mean more parking trouble, but it's worth it :)

  2. Sunshine and warmer weather are two beautiful things!! I hope you enjoy your weekend... I feel like I am counting down the days till spring.

  3. Well you know the groundhog did predict an early spring! It was gorgeous here in Northern Virginia today - I love sun and I hope it stays!!!

  4. Spring cannot come fast enough! I will treasure every moment of sunshine and warmth. I hope it comes fast.

  5. Yay for early spring! The water looks gorgeous!