10 May 2015

Aerin Lauder in Beach Magazine

As much as I like to think I've developed my own signature sense of style and try to refrain from directly copying others, our personal style is really a combination of our influences. One person whose style I'd love to have rub off on me is Aerin Lauder. I developed a serious girl crush on this woman years ago after reading a feature on her in Vogue and ever since I've held such admiration for her career, her fashion choices, and her beautiful homes. I ran across these new-to-me images of her beautifully set blue and white table on Pinterest recently and had to find the source-- Beach Magazine. While searching, I also found the above image of Aerin riding her bicycle in the Hamptons from another Beach feature. All three of these photos exemplify her effortlessly elegant, refined sense of style that I love so much. They also make me anticipate summertime and daydream of leisurely bike rides at the coast wearing all white and a straw hat.

Some of my favorite items from Aerin's eponymous beauty and lifestyle brand:

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30 April 2015

Summer Ready Sandals

Years ago, my in-laws brought me back the cutest pair of silver sandals from Santorini, unknowingly introducing me to a new obsession-- Greek sandals. In Greece, they make the most beautiful handcrafted sandals. The designs are perfectly minimalist and the quality stands the test of time. For years I dreamed of owning more pairs, until finally I made it to Greece for the first time (Corfu) on our Mediterranean Cruise last year. After passing stall after stall of sandals, I found a brown pair to bring home for about $25. And I only bought one pair, because apparently I am crazy. With no plans to return to Greece anytime soon (I wish!), I'm at least thankful to see that Greek-inspired styles are trending right now, though for more than $25. (Once again, I am crazy!) So there's a lesson here, if you ever go to Greece, stock up on sandals! And send a pair my way! Now that warm weather is here to stay, here are some sandals I'm dreaming of right now:

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24 April 2015

Office Hour: Classy Girls Wear Pearls/KJP

I remember the first time I ran across photos of engaged couple Sarah Vickers and Kiel James Patrick of Classy Girls Wear Pearls and KJP. My first thoughts occurred in approximately this order: 1. Who are these people?? 2. Are they real?? 3. Why does it look like they live in a Ralph Lauren ad?? 4. Can I be them, or at least somehow cajole my way into their social circle?? Judging by Instagram alone, their lives look like this idyllic, imagined vision of the American Dream. But behind the scenes of building their brand and creating this aspirational lifestyle is a lot of hard work and I loved getting a peek into their personal office via Glitter Guide earlier this week. Their shelves are filled with so many of my favorite things, creating a kind of curiosity-filled King's Library at The British Museum meets quirky Kate Spade vibe that I'm totally crazy over. Considering that Town & Country Magazine recently included them on their list of "The Preppiest Couples of All Time" amongst classic duos like JFK and Jackie and F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, they are definitely a couple to watch. Do you have a favorite power couple, especially a modern-day one?

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20 April 2015

Ladurée Soho

I ran across this great piece the other day on the One Kings Lane blog covering Elisabeth Holder, Co-President of Ladurée. Not only do I love all things Ladurée, but I also love reading about successful businesswomen, especially effortlessly chic French ones! Holder's family purchased Ladurée in 1996 when it was, as she puts it, "a sleeping beauty." Since then, the luxury French bakery has exploded in popularity due to their famous macarons, opulently decorated tearooms, and impeccable attention to detail. On my first visit to Ladurée, I even saved my paper napkin and sugar packet for my scrapbook! Every aspect of the experience was just so exquisite and worth savoring. 

Holder herself decorated the newest New York location in Soho, (pictured above.) We've had the pleasure of visiting the Champ-Élysées, Harrod's London, and Upper East Side locations, but have not visited New York since the Soho tearoom opened its doors. After seeing these gorgeous photos and reading some behind-the-scenes stories, our next visit cannot come soon enough! (And seriously, why have they still not opened up a shop in San Francisco??) Ladurée goes beyond "a feast for the eyes"-- it's truly a feast for all the senses!

Shop the Ladurée Look:

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