27 March 2015

Dress Your Easter Best

Look 1: Dress, Shoes, Bag // Look 2: Dress, Shoes, Bag // Look 3: Dress, Shoes, Bag

When I was a kid, Easter always meant a trip to the mall for a new floral print dress, a fresh pair of white sandals, and sometimes a portrait of me and my little brother holding live bunnies in front of a creepy backdrop. On Easter Sunday, my family would attend the early morning church service, where my Sunday School class was filled with lots of other little girls wearing very similar floral dresses and white sandals. And then we would go over to my grandparents' house where we would eat ham, potato salad, and cole slaw before hunting for Easter eggs. Though my 90's childhood is but a memory these days, I still look forward to dressing up on Easter. Here in California, most of the other people at church will be wearing jeans, (how I miss you sometimes, preppy Annapolis) but that won't stop me from breaking out my Easter best!

Here are some inspirational Easter looks that represent how I like to carry on this tradition as a grown-up. In honor of my favorite childhood Easter ensembles, this year I'm feeling pastels, sandals, and cute mini handbags. If it's chilly, I'd pair any of these looks with a jean jacket or classic trench. Whether you plan to attend church on Easter Sunday, a family party, or are looking for a dress for another upcoming springtime occasion, I hope you enjoy the three looks I put together and some of my other favorite spring dresses below.

23 March 2015

Dodie Thayer for Tory Burch

We do a lot of antique and vintage store browsing, and every now and then I run across a piece of Lettuce Ware (probably a knockoff) and comment on what a darling addition it would make to a spring table. But alas, we have a small kitchen that comfortably fits our one set of everyday dishes with little room to spare, and a buffet already filled up with two additional sets of hand-me-down/family heirloom dishes. Our limited storage space doesn't keep me from brainstorming ways to someday find room for a set of Spode Christmas Tree dishes as well as some Lettuce Ware for springtime.

Speaking of Lettuce Ware, I was so excited to hear of Tory Burch's new collaboration with Dodie Thayer.  And I just love the story behind the collaboration. Dodie Thayer taught herself to mold pottery from cabbage and lettuce leaves, capturing the elegant 1960's spirit of her native Palm Beach, Florida. With famous collectors like C.Z. Guest, the Duchess of Windsor, and Jackie Kennedy Onassis, there's no denying Lettuce Ware's enduring chicness. (Who wouldn't want to be included in that group?) Tory Burch personally called Ms. Thayer to suggest a collaboration, and I'm sure that so many are glad she enthusiastically agreed. Tory is another woman who brings a sense of chicness to everything she touches, reinterpreting classics for a new generation-- I so enjoy watching the evolution of her brand.

From what I've read, original Dodie Thayer designs get snatched up at auctions, so it's wonderful that Tory Burch is making them accessible again. Personally, I don't think I would set a table with a full collection of Lettuce Ware. It feels a little overkill to me, (or maybe it's just my age!) I love the idea of mixing and matching-- maybe a Lettuce Ware salad plate layered over a simple white china or glass dinner plate, or serving Easter dessert or a deviled egg appetizer on one of the canapé plates. The options are endless! I love decorating for Easter, but am just beginning my collection and having fun deciding which direction to go in. For me, Lettuce Ware inspires a vision of a tabletop that is very whimsical Peter Rabbit-- pastel colored alabaster eggs, carrot and bunny rabbit accents, and crisp embroidered linens.

Peruse some of my favorite Easter decor items below:

20 March 2015

Now Trending: Gingham

Always classic gingham was front and center on the Spring '15 runways, from Oscar de la Renta to Altuzarra to Michael Kors. Only this time around, it's been freshened up with modern silhouettes, plays on scale, and creative layering. I love that even when styled with an edgy twist, gingham still retains its sweetness. Its retro vibe evokes idyllic images of all-American picnics and vacationing on the French Riviera-- perfect for springtime! My favorite way to keep it from feeling too sweet is by pairing a gingham skirt or short with a menswear-inspired white shirt, or a gingham shirt with jeans and loafers. So far this trend hasn't exploded as much as expected, so my guess is that we'll continue to see it grow in the following seasons, hopefully making its way into home interiors as well. I'm totally inspired by the bedroom shown above and would love to introduce a smaller dose of gingham into our house, like some dining room napkins, an accent chair for the living room, or a laundry room window treatment.

Interested in adding a little gingham to your spring wardrobe? Here are some of my favorite items available this season:

20 February 2015

Lacoste for J.Crew

J.Crew has a knack for bringing attention to classic, beloved brands and reinvigorating them through their popular In Good Company collaborations. (Think New Balance, Birkenstock, Saint James, Liberty of London, Red Wing, Timex, etc.) When I learned about their newly revealed collaboration with Lacoste, it felt like a match made in prep heaven.

Lacoste is a brand that I associate with so many fond memories. Matching Lacoste polos were a must at my high school's Sadie Hawkins; anyone who didn't already own one back then was likely saving up. Brandon also wore a vintage Lacoste cardigan in our engagement photos. But in recent years, the brand seems to have lost its cool a little bit. As J.Crew has done for many brands, I foresee this collaboration inspiring a major Lacoste comeback. Although you can still buy one of the classic polos at a Lacoste boutique, I find that buying a piece from a J.Crew collaboration feels more like collecting a limited edition work of art. An expert curator, J.Crew designers examine a brand's archives, extracting the strongest styles and enhancing them with exclusive details, in this case a slimmer fit and a reproduction of the vintage crocodile logo.

When doing research for this post, I found myself becoming inspired not only by J.Crew's reinterpretations but also by old photographs of Lacoste founder René Lacoste and his professional tennis-playing circle in the 1920's and 30's. It's another case of what's old is new again and proof that what is truly stylish never goes out of fashion. Thanks to J.Crew for reminding me of a nearly forgotten brand and making me want to buy a fresh white Lacoste polo this spring, and maybe even a tennis skirt!

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