07 September 2018

Fashion Friday: Sézane Pre-Fall

Today I want to share about a little French brand I love called Sézane. Founded in 2013 by Morgane Sézalory, the brand evolved out of a one-woman business selling rare vintage clothing on eBay. Sézalory's perfectly curated finds soon attracted Parisian designers who bought up her pieces as inspiration for their collections at major fashion houses. Today, Sézane has grown beyond selling vintage items in favor of releasing limited-edition collections of Sézalory's own designs. (Which sell out quickly!) As if there weren't already enough reasons to love Sézane, I also have to mention that the brand is thoughtful and transparent about their manufacturing processes and commitment to sustainability, something that's become important to me over the past few years.

05 September 2018

Edinburgh Eats

Though I wouldn't exactly call myself a "foodie," finding the right places to eat is one of my top priorities when traveling. Whether visiting a foreign country or just an unfamiliar neighborhood, I've always believed that food is an integral part of experiencing a place's unique culture. 

On this side of the pond, the U.K. has a reputation for notoriously bland food, and in the past, my culinary experiences there have been pretty consistent with this unfortunate stereotype. So on our recent trip to Scotland, we were pleasantly surprised to find our expectations totally blown out of the water! Thanks to some thorough research and recommendations from friendly locals, we ended up having some of the most unforgettable meals of all our travels.

18 August 2018

Light Blue Cabinets

A home trend I've been really loving lately is light blue painted cabinets. Recently I've come across so many gorgeous kitchens and laundry rooms featuring this look on Pinterest and in home decor magazines. I think it's so fresh, elegant, and calming! Here are a few of my favorite inspiration images...

28 July 2018

My Favorite Natural Beauty Line

One of my biggest insecurities has always been looking young for my age. I know this is laughable to most adults, but growing up, looking significantly younger than my age wasn’t exactly a badge of honor. It’s often forced me to have to work a lot harder to be taken seriously. But as I near thirty, I'm beginning to take pride in my baby face. Now, when I get carded for a glass of wine or asked what grade I'm in, (yes, seriously!) it finally feels like a compliment!

I would like to think that I can at least partially attribute this ongoing misconception to my skincare regimen. Many years ago, I remember my grandma teaching me that to avoid looking wrinkly, you need to wash your face every night and apply moisturizer to your face and neck. So since I was in junior high, I've religiously cleansed and moisturized.

Over the past few years, I've become passionate about replacing my most-used products with natural alternatives. Since I get asked about this all the time, I wanted to share my absolute favorite natural skincare and cosmetics line, 100% Pure. I first encountered this brand when I bought a bottle of their heavenly-smelling coconut body cream from a small shop in Kauai about a decade ago. I was instantly obsessed! The whole line is totally natural, cruelty-free, and often organic, vegan/vegetarian, and gluten-free.

Since then, I’ve gradually transitioned to buying 100% Pure almost exclusively. The packaging may not be as stylish as designer brands, but using these products has totally transformed my skin and increased my confidence. Here are the products I use every single day that I would 100% recommend to you:

15 July 2018

8 Things To Do in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a city that's become very dear to us in a very short amount of time. Based on my extensive trip planning research and our five days spent exploring the city, I put together this little list of recommendations. Although I could easily have written a much longer list, it wouldn't have been realistic for a shorter trip. In just a few days, you should be able to to check all these activities off your list and feel like you got the full Edinburgh experience...