27 March 2015

Dress Your Easter Best

Look 1: Dress, Shoes, Bag // Look 2: Dress, Shoes, Bag // Look 3: Dress, Shoes, Bag

When I was a kid, Easter always meant a trip to the mall for a new floral print dress, a fresh pair of white sandals, and sometimes a portrait of me and my little brother holding live bunnies in front of a creepy backdrop. On Easter Sunday, my family would attend the early morning church service, where my Sunday School class was filled with lots of other little girls wearing very similar floral dresses and white sandals. And then we would go over to my grandparents' house where we would eat ham, potato salad, and cole slaw before hunting for Easter eggs. Though my 90's childhood is but a memory these days, I still look forward to dressing up on Easter. Here in California, most of the other people at church will be wearing jeans, (how I miss you sometimes, preppy Annapolis) but that won't stop me from breaking out my Easter best!

Here are some inspirational Easter looks that represent how I like to carry on this tradition as a grown-up. In honor of my favorite childhood Easter ensembles, this year I'm feeling pastels, sandals, and cute mini handbags. If it's chilly, I'd pair any of these looks with a jean jacket or classic trench. Whether you plan to attend church on Easter Sunday, a family party, or are looking for a dress for another upcoming springtime occasion, I hope you enjoy the three looks I put together and some of my other favorite spring dresses below.

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