24 May 2012

I'm Done Disappearing!

Hello?? Are you guys still there? ;) Thought it was about time to check in and let you know that I still am! Believe it or not, that blogging break was completely unintentional. Since I last posted, I planned a bachelorette party and a grad party, my best friend got married, and we spent some time in Maryland for B's grad school graduation! These past few weeks have brought me so many moments of clarity. Lately, we've been in this stage of life where I've really had trouble grasping the fact that it's time to settle down, grow some roots, and stay in one place for a while. Visiting Annapolis with B and spending time with our friends there was exactly what we needed. On our last night, we sat on "our bench" in front of the State House, engaged in one of those deep life talks that sitting there together always seems to inspire, and all of a sudden, fireworks started going off in the sky! Sitting there in that moment, I could feel a chapter of our life closing. Change is always bittersweet, but as we near our two year wedding anniversary, it finally feels like the right time for the next chapter to begin! So happy to be back blogging and looking forward to sharing more life and fashion and other fun stuff with you soon! Here are some random snapshots taken recently on my iPhone:


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