01 March 2012

February in Instagrams & Why hello, March!

Even with the extra day, February still managed to fly by! But I can't pretend I'm sad to say goodbye... it's time to say hello to March, my favorite month of all! March means my birthday, the official start of springtime, and lots of other special surprises I can't wait to share! But for now-- a look back at February:


1. A sweet little striped settee that caught my eye at an antique store in Fresno / 2. Candy apples in the window at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory / 3. My wonderful husband browsing through some records in Old Sacramento / 4. A walk to the park with Ollie / 5. Cream-cheese filled snicker-doodles I made, inspired by this Pinterest recipe, (In case you're wondering, they're every bit as delicious as they sound!) / 6. Daffodils from my dad after my lament about missing the daffodils popping out of the snow in Maryland / 7. A little card I made for my valentine / 8. Yummy salmon on my Valentine's Day lunch date / 9. My Valentine's Day outfit / 10. The Lone Cypress in Carmel / 11. New Chanel Rouge Coco lipsticks in "Chintz" and "Mademoiselle," (FYI- They're priced best + free shipping at Nordstrom!)   / 12. And last but not least, remember how little Rocky was lost? Here he is back at home after being found!

Here's to March!!


  1. Love that striped settee! I'm super excited about March too - spring break! :)

  2. those stripes!! love :) and daffodils too...definitely one of my favourite flowers. happy march!

  3. I hope you bought that striped settee!

    P.S. Once stephen's back for sure, you, me, B, and Stephen should go antiquing and to the Victoria Rose Tea Cottage for brunch! How cute would that be?!

  4. Amanda: Spring break, one of the best parts of being a teacher! I bet you will treasure every moment of that week!

    Alexis: I've never really thought of daffodils as one of my favorites, but they really are such happy flowers! They always make me smile because they seem to announce my favorite season, spring! :)

    Cassie: Unfortunately, I did not. We have nowhere to put it! I can envision it being so stylish in the right setting though. And I am so up for that double date idea! Super cute!!

  5. So glad Rocky got home safe and sound!